Sound Absorption Plate

What is Calme?

Calme is a sound absorption plates, made of sintered aluminum powder. This porous plate is created with our high sintering technology, that can control which frequency to absorb by controlling the air layer behind it. It can also be painted and curved without degrading the performance.

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Characteristic of Calme

The weight of Calme is about the half of an aluminium plate. You can easily make a hole, cut, and curve as you do with an aluminium plate.

Excellent in: corrosion resistance, water resistance, wind resistance, fire resistance. It is high in safety since it does not produce any harmful dust, and also friendly to the environment as it is recyclable.


Type A Suitable for indoor use. (High in durability but no water and humidity resistance.)
Type C Suitable for indoor swimming pools, outdoor or underground use. (Excellent in water and humidity resistance.)
We recommend you to use Type C even indoor if it will be for a humid place.


The surface colour of each Calme is slightly different since it is a sintered porous material.
Please check photos of the past constructions and understand this feature.

Standard Colour The standard colour is silver gray.
Selected Colour Any colour is specifiable. (Extra charge is required.)


An air layer is required behind each Calme to enable its sound absorbing effect.
It does not absorb sounds efficiently if it is sticked to building frames or outer plates.

Direct-sticking Directly stick to a celling or a wall with bises or revets. Suitable for high position constraction or indoor pools.
Solderless-sticking Stick with elastic adhesive and double-sided tape on gypsum acoustical boards. Suitable when you do not want to show bises on surface.

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Size and Weight

Mechanical Properties

Sound Absorption Characteristic

For Architecture

The texture of Calme suits to natural materials such as exposed concrete or stone, as well as modern architectures. It offers you excellent sound absorption performance and luxurious appearance at the same time.

Acoustic Control

Calme can fit to your requirement of sound absorption by changing the air layer behind it or type of gypsum acoustical board. It is possible to mix sound-absorbing surfaces and sound-reflecting surface with the same appearance.

For Noise Control

Since Calme is a metal plate, it is excellent in durability, safety and fire-resistance. It offers you the best sound absorbing effect in various places with noize for a long period of time.

Sound Insulation and Sound Absorption

The noize contol is normally done by sound insulation, which means sorrounding a place where the noize comes with thick and heavy materials (e.g. iron plate, concrete wall). However the noize does not go down as you expect only with sound insulation a lot of time.

You can contol noize effectively and efficiently with an affordable price by conbining sound insulation and NDC CALME.

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